lab. S  is looking for a new member

to help us with the development of Web umenia and other projects exploring the use of digital technologies in the gallery and museum sector. The number and scope of these projects has been growing steadily in the last years - to keep up the pace, we need a skilled and creative developer with an interest in arts and culture.

What we do

Lab.SNG is a research and development unit at the Slovak National Gallery.

What we are looking for

You might also have experience with (or willing to learn)

What we offer

What web applications have you recently worked on and what was your role in the development?

Have you collaborated on any open-source projects?

Why do you want to work in lab.SNG?

If you are interested in this position and think you meet (most of) the requirements, please write to us via with your answers to these questions as well as a portfolio, link to your Github account, and CV.

Background artwork: Jozef Jankovič – Architektúry I.